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So I fixed my armor from being a regular green to actually having a bit of personality! So when/if I do make my Caboose blog, that little dude off to the left will be my self insert should I need to step in and say something OOC (or just make a cameo)

Oh yeah and the armor outline was copied from a pic of Tucker, so I don't technically own that

I'm working on getting the Caboose's Guide art style down in hopes of opening an ask blog for Guide Caboose on tumblr (or on here if I can get a decent follower count)

Doin a color pallete challenge thingy with Camp Camp characters, and first up was Harrison!

Palette colors here!

Found out there's an art button, but it only lets you post one art at a time. Anyway, here's some FNAF fusions! In order, there's

Nightmarillora - Nightmarionne/Ballora White Bit - White Rabbit/Lolbit (in two different colors!) Curcus Bonnie - Circus Baby/Bonnie Funtime Nightmare - Funtime Freddy/Nightmare

First pic on the new blog is of my fursona as a Homestuck troll. Nice.

General Hello

sorinshuto -

Just a hi hello "about me" test post.

Name - Daniel Gender - Trans Demi-Boy Pronouns - He/Him Sexuality - Panromantic Demisexual Age - 20 Art Blog - amporaafilliator

Favorite Interests (aka what I'll likely reblog stuff about): Otherkin Gemstones Musicals Shipping Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter RWBY/Red vs Blue/Camp Camp/Nomad of Nowhere Homestuck My Little Pony Steven Universe Anime (Soul Eater, Hetalia, Black Butler, Aggretsuko, etc) Video Games (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Halo, West of Loathing, Cuphead, Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Kingdom Hearts, etc) YouTube (Chuggaaconroy, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Piemations, Tauberpa, Xanauzumaki, Adamwestslapdog, Vinesauce, Game Grumps, Brownman, etc) (Many More)

Favorite Bands: Sonata Arctica Ghost BC Ninja Sex Party/TWRP/Starbomb Autoheart Meatloaf Joafie ABBA Shinedown (Many more)

Askbox is always open if you wanna talk!